Docker is 7

Since its introduction at PyCon in 2013, Docker has changed the way the world develops applications. As is our tradition in the, join us as we celebrate Docker’s birthday month!

Complete the 7th Birthday Challenge

Learn 7 Tips + Tricks from the Docker Captains by clicking on each candle below to complete a hands-on exercise using Play with Docker. Earn a badge for each exercise completed and share your achievement!

Docker Birthday LIVE Show

Celebrate Docker’s Birthday with a special 3-hour Live show featuring exclusive conversations with the Docker team and Captains, open Q&A sessions and prizes.


Share your #myDockerBDay Story

波多野结高清无码中文Share your #myDockerBDay story and you could win some Docker swag. Let us know how Docker technology and being a part of the has impacted you - from the industry you work in, to an application you’ve built; from your-day-to-day workflow to your career. 


Find a Local Meetup Celebration

Around the world, Docker meetups are celebrating with a special Birthday Meetup. Attend to get to know your local members, eat cake, and get swag!